Commons visits headmasters meeting

Jack Goldfisher

President Rick Commons met with New York area alumni, trustees and donors before attending a Headmasters Association meeting in Philadelphia last week.

The alumni came from Harvard and Westlake graduating classes of the 1960s to the Harvard-Westlake class of 2008.

“It was great connecting with people who have such an interest in the success of the school,” Commons said.

This year’s Headmasters Association meeting, which hosted more than 100 principals and heads of school from across the country, focused on health in a school environment.

The seminars confronted topics including sports concussions, adolescent stress and eating disorders, among others. Commons described  it as a great chance to discuss opportunities for the campus with other headmasters.

“Additionally, I got to go with [former President Tom] Hudnut,” Commons said. “Which was really exciting, because he was actually the one who nominated me to the association seven years ago.”

While in Philadelphia, Commons stayed in his childhood home with his family. He said leaning against the radiator in his old bedroom gave him a chance to reflect.

“I never dreamed, sitting here leaning against this radiator, that my life and my passions would lead me to [Harvard-Westlake],” he said. “But I’m glad they did.”