Alumna expected to join Trump administration

Anthony Weinraub

Julia Hahn ’09, a writer at Breitbart News, is rumored to join the administration of President Donald Trump, Politico reported yesterday.

Hahn is expected to be appointed Special Assistant to the President.

News surrounding Breitbart News, a right-wing website whose critics contend is a hate site, has increased since Executive Chairman Stephen Bannon was selected as Trump’s senior counselor and chief West Wing strategist last year.

While at the website, Hahn has recently covered the confirmation hearings of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions and has penned posts critical of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Head of External Relations Ed Hu sparked controversy last November when he posted a New York Times article quoting Alexander Marlow ’04, an alumnus and the website’s Editor-in-Chief.

Hahn worked for talk show host Laura Ingraham before moving to the website in 2015.