15 win gold, silver keys, honorable mentions in writing competition

Jacob Goodman

A total of 15 students won gold and silver key awards and honorable mentions in the regional Scholastic Writing Awards competition. The gold key winners will go on to compete nationally.

Gold Key Recipients

Angela Knight ’14, poetry

Jack Li ’17, poetry (4)

Jenny Li ’19, short story

Sabrina Szu ’15,  short story


Silver Key Recipients

Tiffany Kim ’17, poetry

Jonathan Klein ’15, persuasive writing

Jenny Li ’19, personal essay

Alex McNab ’14, personal essay

Alex McNab ’14, journalism

Benjamin Most ’16, science fiction

Nadia Rahman ’16, humor

Gabriela Romano ’14, personal essay

Kaitlin Schrage ’18, science fiction

Sophia Szu ’15, personal essay

Cameron Victor ’15, short story


 Honorable Mentions

Becca Frischling ’19, flash fiction

Jack Li ’17, short story

Alex McNab ’14, poetry

Talia Ratnavale ’17, poetry