Sign ups open for year’s first Assassin game

Marcella Park

Upper school students can now email their names and grades to [email protected] to join the first school-wide game of Assassin of the year, organized by game masters William Lee ’14 and Jonah Blume-Kemkes ’14 and the Social Committee. The game is scheduled to start the second week of April, after students return from spring break.

Each player’s goal in the game is to sneak up behind his or her assigned target and say “bang” while touching the target’s back to assassinate them. The assassin then assumes his or her target’s original victim, and the winner is the last player alive.

Students played two rounds of Assassin last year, organized by Happiness Club leader Kenneth Kim ’13.

Some rules changed from the first round to the next, during which players could complete various challenges to obtain immunity bands that guaranteed each wearer safety for one day.

Kim used the game’s Twitter account, @HWAssassin, to announce the number of assassinations for each day along with these challenges and safe zones in which the immunity bands worked.

After complaints from teachers, Kim also declared that any classroom where class was in session was a safe zone for the second round.

Specific rules for the upcoming round will be released in the next two weeks.

Lee said he and Blume-Kemkes started working on getting the game set up and school-approved in fall.

They plan to change the way safe zones will work for this round, Lee said, and for the game to be over before Advanced Placement testing begins.

“I think that [this game] serves as a facilitator of fun in a relatively stressed student body,” Lee said. “Its purpose cut down to its essence is none other than kids running around and having fun.”