Checkmate: club holds student tournament

Matthew Yam

The HW Chess club is in the midst of their first ever school wide tournament. All students were invited to participate in the single elimination tournament, and 30 players signed up to compete.

The participants are playing in a double elimination draw where the winner of each match moves on to the next round and the loser has an opportunity to play in a consolation bracket.

Club president Tony Kukavica ’17 sought to create a tournament that gave students greater opportunities to play chess.

“We thought that holding a tournament would create both a fun and competitive environment, which is what chess is all about.” Kukavica said.

Vice president Rohan Prashant emphasized that the tournament welcome players of all skill levels.

“The regular club meetings and the tournament has members of all skill levels, including complete beginners, who we teach the basics of chess,” Prashant said, “They quickly begin to love the game.”

The winner of this tournament will win a $20 prize. The club plans to hold an even bigger tournament in the spring in which the winner will receive a $50 prize as well as one of the clubs’ renowned chess shirts, of which the club plans to release a brand new design in March.

Overall, the chess club and tournament have has helped students discover a new hobby to enjoy.

“It really has motivated me to get better at chess and I really like the competition it brings each week,” said James Xu ’17 “Playing in the tournament gives me something to look forward to each week.”