Students protest proposed AP limit

Danielle Spitz

Some students have responded to the potential AP limit with petitions in an effort to prevent the measure from being implemented.

After it was announced that the administration is considering limiting the number of AP classes a student can take as a means of improving student happiness and wellness, members of the student body have started opposition campaigns.

Elly Hong ’17 created an online petition for students to sign before the decision goes to the Faculty Advisory Committee.

“This limit compromises academic freedom and is an improper response to high stress levels at our school,” Hong said when she released the petition.

Hong also urged students to ask their parents to call President Rick Commons to voice their opposition.

In a similar effort, Marcus Leher ’18 and Paul Leclerc ’18 have gathered 169 signatures from students of the Class of 2018 for a petition that challenges the AP limit. They hope to get support from sophomores and seniors as well and eventually present the petition to Commons.

“The proposed AP limit limits students’ freedom of choice by not allowing them to take the classes they want to take,” Leher said in an email. “Many students at Harvard-Westlake are strong in academics, and the limit would hinder their ability to display that strength.”