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Love Like Snow Other

“Prologue/Epilogue.” All photos printed with permission of Aaron Park ’18 and Pavan Tauh ’18.


Ginette (Caroline Cook ’19) is sitting next to Pete (Erick Gredonia ’17) when the two reveal that they love each other. However, Pete explains that by sitting directly next him, Ginette is also technically as far away from him as she can possibly be. Disheartened, Ginette leaves Pete.

“I thought the prologue was adorable. It really set the tone for the entire play and highlighted the idiosyncratic love that was portrayed throughout he rest of the play.” Carmen Levine ‘18 said.


“Her Heart”

Glory (Lily Beckinsale-Sheen ’17)stands in East’s (William Newhart ’19) garden, trying to pay respects for her husband by observing the Northern Lights. After brief conversation, East confesses that he though they are strangers, he has fallen in love with Glory. East takes the paper bag she is holding that contains her broken heart, convinced that he can fix it since he is a repairman.

“My favorite scene is [Her Heart]” Charlotte Weinman ’18 said. “I loved when they brought in the northern lights around the theater.”

“Sad and Glad”


Jimmy (Jakob Klein ’18) unexpectedly meets Sandrine (Carmen Levine ’17), his ex-girlfriend. Sandrine notices Jimmy’s tattoo, mistakenly reading “villian,” which he got out of regret for driving her away. The scene ends with Jimmy accidentally encountering a waitress named Villian (Vanessa Payne ’19).

“The scene trying to convey that love is continuous,” Levine said. “As one door closes another one opens and romance is full of opportunity” Levine said


“This Hurts”

Marvalyn (Cate Wolfen ’17) accidently hits Steve (Liam Daniels ’19) with an ironing board, and learns that Steve is not able to feel any pain. They discuss what can hurt people and if they should be afraid of the things that can hurt them. As Marvalyn leaves, she hits him once more with a ironing board and this time, Steve feels pain.

“I liked the physical comedy aspect of my scene because it wasn’t something I had gotten to do in a performance before,” Wolfen said. “The takeaway from my scene is the importance of not dismissing people or ideas because they seem strange or scary at first.”


“Getting It Back”

Gayle (Talia Lefkowitz ’17) abruptly tells Lendall (Eli Timoner ’18) that she wants to take back all of the love that she gave to him. She thinks that Lendall does not want to marry her, and therefore wants to break up with him. Lendall brings Gayle a wedding ring, and they kiss.

“The message of our scene was about how sometimes love doesn’t make itself shown” Timoner said, “Even in relationships that people have been in for a long time.”

“They Fell”

Best friends Chad (Jacob Tucker ’17) and Randy (Ari Yaron ’18) question if going out with girls that they don’t like is worth the time. Chad reveals that he would rather spend time with Randy, and tells him that he has fallen for him. The two both fall on the ground.

“The most interesting part was of the scene was the end where Ari Yaron and I literally fell in love,” Tucker said. “I think the moral of my scene is to just say what you want to say and don’t keep feelings bottled up, because you never know how someone else feels.”

“Where It Went”

Married couple Phil (Henry Platt ’17) and Marci (Sakura Price ’18) are looking for Marci’s lost shoe after ice-skating. When Phil asks Marci why she is frustrated, she reminds her husband that it is their anniversary. Marci asks him what they are both waiting for if they don’t make each other happy anymore and Marci’s lost shoe falls from the sky.

“The shoe falling from the sky is a moment of finality,” Price said. “It is a mysterious, melancholy climax of the scene.”

“Story of Hope”

Hope (Natalie Musicant ’17) knocks on her ex-boyfriend Daniel’s (Clay Hollander ’19) door after a long trip. He proposed to her years ago, but Hope had left him without an answer. Hope finds out that Daniel has already married to Suzette (Brianna Blanchard ’18), who summons him back inside. Hope lingers at the closed door, repeating the word “yes.”

“Sometimes you don’t have to search for what’s right for you because you already have it” Musicant said. “It’s easy to lose the good things you have by being too focused on the future.”


“Seeing the Thing”

Dave (Casey Gioilto ’17) tries to tell his good friend Rhonda (Kami Cooper ’17) that he loves her by giving her a hand-drawn picture as a gift. Rhonda, is unable to identify what the picture represents, but after kissing Dave and realizing that she loves him too, she recognizes that the picture is of a heart, and the two go into her house.

“The most interesting thing about the scene is that the the painting isn’t revealed to the audience until the very end, thus keeping the audience from understanding the deeper meaning” Giolito said.


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