Middle School will hold first science fair May 13

Benjamin Most

Students will display their science projects in the Middle School’s first science fair on Tuesday, May 13.

During activities period, students participating in the fair can share projects in the Bing Lobby and answer questions. Science and math clubs will also display posters at the event.

Co-organizers and science teachers Alex Ras and Sandra Wolchok hope to include other STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) events later in the week.

“The projects will range from an examination of flight using paper airplanes, to an examination of how substance density affects the bending of laser light, to a technology project on the efficacy of a QWERTY keyboard,” Ras said.

Students will work on their projects at home and receive teacher suggestions as to how to optimally display presentations.

“There will be no judging of projects,” Ras said. “Students are happy just to display their work.”

The fair will coincide with the Upper School STEM Fest to promote STEM involvement at both campuses, and Ras and Wolchok hope to hold similar science fairs annually if possible.