BLACC prepares to meet with Commons

Danielle Spitz

In response to the recent controversy over students using racial and homophobic slurs on social media, members of Black Leadership, Awareness and Culture Club held an open meeting on Tuesday to discuss their reactions to the situation and ways to move forward in terms of diversity and inclusivity on campus.

BLACC leader Phaedra Robinson ’17 said two out of the four students involved in the controversy reached out to the club to offer an in-person apology. The leaders decided to schedule that for another time and instead focus on preparing for their meeting with President Rick Commons on Wednesday.

“We wanted to allot time for us to have a chance to talk about how we feel about what has happened this past week and also discuss what we feel we should do to move forward,” Robinson said.

Club leader Taylor Jones ’18 said she hopes the meeting with Commons will serve as an opportunity to express how the use of the language in the posts affected many groups on campus.

“Hopefully we are able to ensure that this matter isn’t simply brushed aside,” Jones said.

The two students also sent apology emails to affinity group leaders.