Women empowerment club presents first speaker

Nikta Mansouri

Senior Digital Strategist for PMK*BNC Ashley Felts ’02 spoke about the importance of networking, maintaining an online presence and being confident in any endeavor in the digital age at the first La Femme meeting Monday.

“The greatest thing you can do is just make a move and not be fearful it’s not the right move. You just don’t know,” Felts said.

At PMK*BNC, Felts is responsible for adding digital extension to marketing and media events. She works with celebrities and companies to optimize their online presence in social media.

“The older that I got I realized that you can have multiple passions and you don’t have to make your career about every single one,” Felts said.

Felts also emphasized the importance of maintaining a good relationship with the people you work with because it really influences your chances at success.

“I think that your reputation is extremely important,” Felts said. “People know who you are, people want to have you on their team or they don’t.”

“I thought [Felts] was very interesting and gave insight on how our school can help us in the future,” Amber Shooshani ’15 said.

The club, which is only open to women, is meant to bring strong women together to celebrate each other’s strengths and accomplishments and support each other. Executive Assistant to the Head of Athletics Shauna Altieri, and Alumni Administrator Janiece Richard created the club because they felt the school needed a club in which the campus’ female leaders can come together and support one another.

“The club is a good idea because school is so stressful it’s good to have somewhere we can talk about positive things,” Libby Sondheimer ’15.

At the end of each meeting, each girl takes a turn to say a goal of theirs, something they want to achieve, something they’ve overcome and something that they inspire in others.

The purpose of this is to create a web of support among the girls. The club plans on hosting at each monthly meeting different alumni speakers who specialize in different fields including digital media, networking and confidence.