Resnick holds first meeting to discuss possible AP limit

Danielle Kaye

Interim Head of Upper School Liz Resnick and senior prefects discussed the administration’s proposed AP class limit with upper school students at the first of three open meetings today during fifth period.

All upper school students were invited to voice their opinions regarding the proposed limit and speak directly with the school administration. The majority of attendees were seniors.

Some students expressed concern about the inability to take classes they enjoy, a concern that Resnick and the prefects said the school is hoping to address through the AP limit.

“By limiting [AP classes], people can take the classes in which they’re challenged and that they enjoy,” senior prefect Mathew Hogan ’17 said.

The proposed AP limit was also met with some opposition among students who said they were not confident that imposing a limit is the the best way to alleviate stress and foster enjoyment.

“What I value more than AP limits is that the administration holds [students] to a moral standard that they don’t abide by themselves,” Jake Broder ’17 said.

Resnick said that the proposed limit, as well as a potential elimination of weighted grades, was prompted by the school’s effort to focus on happiness and balance within the school community.

“To be excellent, we’re saying that happiness and balance have to be part of the equation,” Resnick said. “We’re trying to create a system that gives students the ability to say, ‘I don’t want to take those [classes]’ and free up time to try other things.”

Some students also started petitions to protest the limit.

Resnick notified upper school students of the meeting in an email Feb. 24 and during today’s First and Third Wednesday assembly.

While the meeting was intended to focus on the AP limit, a number of attendees anticipated a discussion of the recent racial slur controversy. Some suggested that Resnick organize a separate meeting to address the incident and consider how the broader school environment contributes to a lack of happiness and balance.

The next open meetings will take place during second period and break Monday and seventh and eighth period periods Wednesday in the Emery Room.