Prefect Council announces new plan to provide funding to clubs

Jessica Spitz

Prefect Council has begun a project in which club leaders can request funds for use on club activities and supplies. Prefect Council decided to run the program this year by presenting the idea to Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas, who granted them $2,000 from his own administrative budget. The money will be distributed to clubs depending on how much money they ask for and the prefects’ evaluation.

Prefect Council will evaluate clubs’ applications based on their goals and the depth and specificity of planning of how they will use the money, prefect Sarah Winshel ’15 said.

“The vast range of opportunities presented by clubs is a major part of what makes HW so special, so we want to capitalize on that experience and make it as beneficial as it can be for both students and our community at large,” Winshel said.

In the past, funding for clubs has been limited to specific requests for speakers or other large events, but the purpose of this new program is to make funds more easily accessible for a wider range of clubs.  Prefects went to individual clubs’ meetings at break March 17 and will also be having private meetings with club leaders to explain the program and application process.

Winshel hopes that this will be the first step in increasing Prefect Council’s presence in the day-to-day lives of students.

“There is so much we could do—Prefects and the student body—if we communicate and work together,” Winshel said. “So I think the leaders of all our clubs, who take the time to invest themselves into something they are passionate about, are the perfect place to start working toward that goal.”