Choi ’15, Winshel ’15 win Head Prefect election

Nikta Mansouri

Albert Choi ’15 and Sarah Winshel ’15 will serve as as Head Prefects for the 2014-2015 school year, Head Prefects and Senior Prefects announced in an email today.

Due to a tie between Choi and Matt Beyer ’15, juniors and sophomores voted in a runoff election yesterday, while Winshel was elected in the first round of voting.

Originally Brian Adler ’15, Beyer, Choi and Marko Fejzo ’15 ran for male Head Prefect, and Sarah Winshel ’15 and Enya Huang ’15 ran for female Head Prefect.

All Head Prefect candidates spoke to the juniors and sophomores about their goals and ideas in an assembly Wednesday in Taper Gymnasium.

Juniors and sophomores who wish to run for Senior or Junior Prefect, respectively, still have time to turn in a Prefect Council Candidate Packet and attend a mandatory meeting April 14.