Journalism expert speaks to Chronicle staff

Zoe Dutton

Student publication expert Ron Johnson spoke to Chronicle staff April 14 about news coverage and design technique in Weiler Hall.

“He was really great,” Jacob Goodman ’15 said. “He brought an objective perspective that can be difficult to give to your own group. As a person who’s interested in graphic design it’s nice to get advice from a professional with experience.”

Johnson praised the newspaper’s well-rounded coverage while offering advice on how students could further improve design.

“It’s all about finding that balance between meaningful content and great-looking layout,” he said.

Johnson is director of student media at Indiana University, where he advises the daily student paper. He has served as president of the College Media Association and is currently on the Board of Directors for the National Scholastic Press Association.

“I think Ron Johnson did a really good job of complementing the positive aspects of our paper while also providing legitimate and helpful critique,” Leily Arzy ’15 said. “He had a really good sense of humor and made the overall process both fun and educational.”