Physics teacher publishes research book

Sophie Haber

Physics teacher Antonio Nassar published a research book entitled “Bohmian Mechanics, Open Quantum Systems and Continuous Measurements” in March, which he co-authored with Salvador Miret-Artés of the Spanish National Research Council.

In the book, they discuss Bohmian mechanics, an interpretation of quantum mechanics, and its measurement theory.

They propose that it overcomes the need for a measurement that has historically been accepted as true, which entails wave function collapse.

Due to their different times zones, Nassar and Miret-Artés wrote the book entirely on Dropbox. Nassar wrote in the mornings and then Miret-Artés edited the work and added in a continuous cycle.

Nassar has published over 70 research papers, including other works that he co-authored with Miret-Artés.

“It’s inspiring to have the opportunity to learn from a teacher as accomplished and specialized as Dr. Nassar,” Physics 1 student Jordan Barkin ’18 said. “He punctuates our lectures with unconventional demonstrations and interesting tangents related to his research.”