Scene Monkeys perform Friday night

Eugenia Ko

Students in the Scene Monkeys improvisation group performed Friday at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. in Rugby Theater.
Tickets were five dollars and could be bought at the door.
The student performers were Conor Belfield ’15, Noah Bennett ’14, Zita Biosah ’14, Molly Chapman ’14, Clay Davis ’14, Tara Joshi ’14, Greg Lehrhoff ’14, Grace Levin ’14, Joey Lieberman ’14, Alex McNab ’14, Jensen McRae ’15, Daniel Palumbo ’14, Emma Pasarow ’14, Kayla Shenassa ’14, Tom Thorne ’14, Aiyana White ’15 and Autumn Witz ’15.
“I think the shows will be fantastic,” Chapman said before the performances. “We have a lot of fun games and everyone in the group is so talented. I know we will be having a good time on stage and I hope the audience has just as much fun, or more.”