SciBowl team defeats teachers at STEMfest

Marcella Park

Five seniors defeated five science teachers in a 12 minute-long Science Bowl match during STEMfest Wednesday.

Science Bowl team members Kevin Zhang ’14, Anser Abbas ’14, Donhem Brown ’14, Zachary Birnholz ’14 and Larry Zhang ’14 and teachers Wendy Van Norden, Jesse Reiner, Larry Axelrod, Yanni Vourgourakis ’90 and Blaise Eitner played to a final score of 22-14.

The teachers had returned to Ahmanson Lecture Hall as the champions of last year’s students vs. teachers match.

The round began after each of the players introduced him or herself — Brown introduced himself as “Mr. Brown” to imitate the teachers, who had given themselves courtesy titles.

Nick Abouzeid ’15 read questions, Jonathan Heckerman ’15 called players when they buzzed in and Jacob Gold ’15 kept the score.

On the first question, Kevin Zhang interrupted Abouzeid, who was in the middle of reading a physics question, to answer, “137 meters.” He was correct, and so won the first point of the match.

Kevin and Larry Zhang would go on to answer eight questions correctly during the round, all with numbers and all to the laughs of the watching crowd. Most of these questions the Zhangs answered by interrupting Abouzeid.

When Larry Zhang answered a question toward the end of the round, a teacher in the back of the lecture hall shouted, “But they have two of them!”

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