Students perform in spring jazz concert

Isabelle Eshraghi

Middle and upper school jazz musicians performed in the annual spring jazz concert on April 29 in the Upper School Rugby Auditorium.

Students performed a wide variety of pieces including songs from World War II and songs by the band Radiohead. The theme of the program was pieces of American music, the majority of which were made to be played by large ensembles.

“We played modern, classic, big band arrangements,” Upper School Performing Arts Teacher Shawn Costantino said. “It is a very American, classic jazz band. We played a lot of different things, [such as] Radiohead, and beautiful [pieces] from World War II. The theme was definitely focused on big bands.”

Costantino said he enjoyed collaborating with all of the upper school jazz bands as well as the middle school band.

“This is the third year that we have had the middle school band come [to the Upper School spring jazz concert],” Costantino said. “It is always really great because Ms. Wayne and I get to share the concert. And when the seniors see what the 8th graders sound like, it kind of makes them think back to where they were in middle school. I think that some of the seniors stand out because of how they have improved, and how much grit they have. They have just really committed.”

Double bass player Calvin Kaleel ’18 said this concert was a strong collaborative effort from all of the musicians involved.

“I think that our saxophones really carried the whole band,” Kaleel said. “Everybody really pulled together for this last concert. I felt like it was a really good concert for our band.”

Kaleel also said he enjoyed his experience as a member of the upper school performing arts program and that he and his fellow performers were well-prepared for this concert.

“Jazz band is sort of my release,” Kaleel said. “It’s a little bit less stressful for me. I think going in we were feeling fine, we were feeling confident. Everything [for the performance] was naturally coming together. “