Vox Populi to reprint yearbooks

Josie Abugov

Due to eight missing portraits in the senior section, the yearbook staff will reprint yearbooks for the senior class and provide the entire student body with page inserts containing the missing portraits.

“We feel horrible about what happened, and we’re trying our best to fix everything,” Vox Populi Editor-in-Chief Maddy Ulloa ’17 said. “We got through lots of proofs over the year. Something either could have happened on our end or on the publishing end. We’re not really sure at this point.”

The yearbook staff became aware of the mistake May 24, when they first saw the finished books.

“We initially found out because our executive editor [Alexa Nourafchan ’17] wasn’t placed in the book,” Ulloa said. “We were incredibly shocked and disappointed. It was a really stressful night.”

Ulloa and co-Editor-in-Chief Jenny Lange ’17 immediately tried to correct the mistake, Ulloa said.

That evening, they also emailed the eight students not included in the yearbook, Dani Mirell ’17, Alec Mendelsohn ’17, Josh Musicant ’17, Nourafchan, Catrin Murphy ’17, Charlie Noxon ’17, Dario Madyoon ’17 and Nico Mannucci ’17.

Ulloa and Lange made 1600 single-sheet pages containing the missing portraits. Ulloa said the page inserts will be available to the student body on Wednesday and can be inserted into the yearbook.

The yearbook staff is also redesigning their senior section and correcting other mistakes throughout the book. They will mail the updated complimentary yearbooks to the Class of 2017 this summer.

The cost of reprinting will come out of the yearbook’s budget, which was not used completely in the printing and production of the book.