Spanish teacher to leave World Language department for retirement after 17 years

Sophie Haber

After 17 years at the school, spanish teacher Roser Gelida will retire at the end of this year.

“I am a little young to retire, but that is [alright],” Gelida said. “[My husband and I] just want to enjoy our healthy lifestyle and just continue doing different things. I’m not sure what [we will do], but it is going to be a new period of my life with hopefully new things to do.”

During her time at the school, Gelida has taught a variety of Spanish classes including AP Spanish Language and Culture and Spanish IV. Prior to coming to the school, Gelida taught French as well as Japanese.

Over the course of her years here, Gelida said she has learned a lot about herself professionally.

“I have grown professionally. I am definitely not the same teacher I was. I hope I’m much better,” Gelida said. “Not only because I have more years but because of the things I learned. The school is so great to provide great opportunities for the teachers to learn, to go to conferences, to get degrees, to travel, so in that sense, I have grown.”

Gelida also said she will miss many aspects of the school.

“[I will miss] the students,” Gelida said. “Not only teaching classes but those moments [when] I go outside and I get to know students that have their lockers around here. I’ll miss the classes, of course, seeing the students eager to learn or to do better. This kind of spark in their eye, I think this is what is so rewarding for a teacher. Seeing a young person learning and wanting to learn, that will be something I will miss.”

Her students said they are sad about her departure.

“I’m very sad because she cares so much about her students, and it is always really fun to be in her class,” Michael Gaven ’18 said.