Performing arts teacher to depart from school after a year of managing choir programs

Maddy Daum

Performing arts teacher Eric Gault will depart the school after teaching for one year. Gault oversaw the choir program, including Chamber Singers, Bel Canto and Wolverine Chorus. Since Gault was in a transitioning period after the departure of Rodger Guerrero, he had help with managing the choir to help make the change in leadership smoother for the program, Bel Canto member Alexa Frandzel ’18 said.

“I think a lot of the performing arts department was involved in choir this year because he was transitioning into the school and then out of the school, so I think it was a year where a lot of the department was involved in choir,” Frandzel said.

Wolverine Choir member Jack Shane ’18 said Gault opened his eyes to a different style of music.

“He has definitely given us more foreign language pieces than before,” Shane said. “We had a lot of German and some Italian pieces, and our pieces were 20 minutes instead of the five minutes we were used to.”

Gault also showed his students his love of singing and made the whole experience a joyful one, Bel Canto member Sam Radlovic ’18 said.

“I learned that singing is so much more than just saying words. There’s a lot of passion behind it, and he really used his own to inspire us,” Radlovic said. “What I’ll miss most about him is his humor and how he made us all laugh and have fun.”

Bel Canto member Sarah Conway ’18 said Gault didn’t allow his departure to affect his teaching toward the end of the year

“Despite him knowing that he was going to be leaving, he continued to be positive and put 100 percent of his effort into making sure we sounded good,” Conway said.

Frandzel wishes him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors as a choir teacher.