Grace Brown: Learning Specialist

Tammer Bagdasarian

The school’s first learning specialist, Grace Brown, will join the faculty this year, bringing 22 years of experience in the field to the new position.

Brown said that the main purpose of her position is to help integrate students with learning disabilities into the school community and to work with them on any academic problems that they may be facing.

Brown has worked in the learning specialist field since she was first introduced to it as an undergraduate student at Harvard University. She then completed her graduate degree in Learning Disabilities at Columbia University.

“I had my mind set on being a lawyer, but while I was at college, I got offered a job helping people with learning disabilities go to college, and I just fell in love with it,” Brown said.

Brown has worked at several schools, most recently Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, CT.

Brown also said she hopes to improve the community and help students enjoy their school experience this year.

“My main goals are to start forming relationships with students, to be able to be accessible to anyone who is having trouble or needs help and eventually make the school a more welcoming place,” Brown said.