Ross addresses recent events, emphasizes community

Sophie Haber

In light of recent natural disasters, the rescinding of DACA and the events in Charlottesville, Head of Upper School Laura Ross sent an email to students alerting them of resources on campus and reminding them of the school’s emphasis of community Friday.


“Being a part of the Harvard-Westlake community means that we all have the obligation to take care of ourselves and one another so that we can, together, strive to be the best community we can be, and to do our part, as our Mission Statement reminds us, to recognize our purpose beyond ourselves,” Ross said in the email.


She suggested that students who have been affected by recent events seek counsel from community leaders.


Campus resources include deans, teachers, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Janine Jones, DEI coordinator Nate Cardin, school psychologist Sophie Wasson, Director of Financial Aid Melanie Leon. Champlain J. Young, Assistant Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken, Director of Student Affairs Jordan Church and Ross. Additionally, students can join the Peer Support program, which will begin in a few weeks.


“I think it’s important to address issues that loom very large in our society today and I’m very glad that we have a head of school who’s so socially conscious,” Will Newhart ’19 said.


In the email, Ross emphasized the importance of compassion and urged students to show their empathy through actions.


“It makes me feel like this place is safe, inclusive and communal,” Jake Schroeder ’20 said.”I hope that this email reflects what my next three years at the Upper School will be like.”