School unveils two more all-gender bathrooms

Spencer Klink

The Upper School now contains three all-gender restrooms, two of which were recently established for the 2017-18 school year.


The all-gender restrooms can be found on the third floor of Chalmers Hall, in Mudd Library near the Information Desk and to the right of St. Saviour’s Chapel. All community members are permitted to use the restrooms.


Science teacher and Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Nate Cardin, who worked on and encouraged the project, said that the addition of all-gender restrooms creates a more inclusive and accessible campus environment, which helps maintain diversity.


“There are members of our community – both students and adults – who identify as transgender or gender non-binary and don’t feel comfortable or safe using restrooms that are gendered as male or female,” Cardin said. “We wanted to provide them a place where they could use the restroom and feel comfortable.”


Additionally, Cardin noted that the school has further plans to integrate all-gender restrooms and is currently scouting for locations. Construction will occur over the upcoming summer break should another usable space be found.