Students to select courses for next school year online

Sophie Kupiec-Weglinski

Green signup sheets for next year’s courses are a thing of the past, as students will be able to choose next year’s courses online. The change will save time and reduce human error, Upper School Dean Sharon Cuseo said.

The program, which students will use in March through the Harvard-Westlake website, was programmed and coordinated by Senior Software Engineer Aram Pendley.

Pendley programs for Didax, Harvard-Westlake’s student information application.

The course selection program allows teachers to choose the hardest course a specific student can sign up for in a subject.

In addition, the program regulates students schedules. It can make sure that students’ have signed up for at least five core classes and no more than seven classes in total.

The program has been in development since last spring. Twice a month during the summer, there were meetings where deans met to discuss what the program should look like and to make sure students could easily navigate it.

Teachers from all departments have also attended meetings where they learned how to choose the appropriate course selection for their students on the program.

Cuseo and math teacher Beverly Feulner made sure all proper prerequisites for courses were uploaded into the program. In previous years, students needed approval to sign up for certain courses from the teachers that taught those classes. With online signups, all approval is given by students’ current teachers.

“I think it will allow us to spend more time on making sure that students make the right choices and less time on the logistics,” Cuseo said.