Club to sell holiday cards to raise money for charity

Izzy Wiesenthal

The Velvet Daisies Club will sell student-made holiday cards on the quad two weeks before winter break to raise money for the Children’s Institute Inc., a foundation helping underprivileged children.

A new club this year, Velvet Daisies, co-headed by Angela Chon ’16 and Justine Chen ’16, is a charity club aimed at creating a space where students can engage in arts and crafts while giving back to the community. The profit will be donated to the organization.

Before arts and crafts, Velvet Daisies made jewelry for the underprivileged children at the institute.

They want to incorporate the club into the Harvard-Westlake school and pushed the club to expand into arts and crafts. There are three projects planned for this year, including handmade cards for the winter, chocolate boxes for Valentine’s Day and mason jars for Mother’s Day.

“I am looking forward to future projects, and I’m excited to see where Velvet Daisies will go in the future and how the club will expand,” Chen said.