Director of Photography at Fox Sports speaks to students

Kaitlin Musante

Director of Photography at Fox Sports Brian Alexander (London ’18) offered advice about how to succeed as a sports journalist to students Monday during break.

In order to teach the students about the specifics of his field, Alexander showed videos he had either edited or filmed. He intertwined this with advice about the importance of being prepared and using available resources.

“There are no more excuses for not doing what you want to do,” Alexander said. “There are so many resources available to us because of technology.”

Alexander also spoke about the importance of flexibility, citing instances during his career where his willingness to adapt led him to discover new stories.

Photography teacher Kevin O’Malley said hearing Alexander’s stories allowed him to recognize a new side of the sports journalism industry.

“That was very cool to hear,” O’Malley said. “Usually, I think of TV as very structured, where people are constantly told to ‘do this, do that,’ with absolutely no creativity. It showed a level of flexibility, which I liked.”

Attendees also had the opportunity to ask questions, show personal work and view some of Alexander’s drones and cameras.

Following his visit, Alexander originally planned to lead a team of students in shooting the upcoming football game on Friday, but due to a conflict, the opportunity has been rescheduled for later in the year.

Attendees said that talking with Alexander allowed them to learn about new aspects of the industry.

“As someone who is really interested in the industry and wants to learn more about film and TV, I hoped to learn more about how the process works, as I didn’t really know anything about it. ” Alex Ankai ’19 said. “His visit allowed me to be more familiar with it all, which was super helpful. I learned a lot.”