Parents’ Association to launch party book

Angela Chon

The Parents’ Association is launching an online party book Jan. 15 to raise money for financial aid.

The book is a collection of parties or events that are hosted by parents, alumni, administrators or teachers.

They donate the parties to the book, and parents can purchase tickets.

Events include dinner parties at parents’ private homes, cooking classes and private art gallery guided tours.

The association is also including events under the category “Back-to-School,” for which teachers are partnering with parents to offer classes.

There will be a poetry class taught by English teachers Ryan Wilson and Zachary Greenberg, a painting class taught by visual arts teacher Marianne Hall and a dance class taught by performing arts teacher Joe Schenck.

“A lot of teachers have donated a lot of party book events this year, and parents are co-hosting by providing food or refreshments,” Parents’ Association co-chair Jackie Klein (Andrew ’18) said. “And parents can sign up to take a class with them and feel and get an experience like their kids get at school.

“[The party book] was brought over several years ago by Curtis [School] parents who started it there,” Klein said. “It is now a fundraising tool that most private schools use.”

It is also useful for community building for parents and alumni, she said.