Students to travel to Caribbean to scuba dive

Danielle Kaye

Ten upper school students will sail and scuba dive during a trip to the Caribbean islands during spring break, chaperoned by science teacher Florence Pi.

Students will become certified to scuba dive and will learn how to collect scientific data about the health of the ocean. Their research will be uploaded to databases that are currently used by scientists.

“I really want [the students] to become more comfortable with traveling, taking risks and going outside their comfort zone,” Pi said.

Broadreach, a travel organization for middle and high school students, will run the trip and provide a boat captain and diving instructor.

The trip was implemented at the beginning of the school year, when Pi received positive feedback to the idea from her students.

Students who signed up for the trip said they are looking forward to a new experience.

“I’m excited to contribute to a marine database that will help scientists evaluate the state of our oceans,” Dana Anderson ’17 said.

Pi said that she hopes for students to learn about the science of the ocean as well as about themselves.

She has never organized a trip through a travel company like Broadreach at the school before, but said she wants to continue running similar trips in the future.

“I think our kids would get a lot out of it, and I think that we are a little bit behind in not offering more trips like these,” Pi said.