Color blind students see red, green for the first time

Kaitlin Musante

Color blind students on campus are able to enhance their color vision following the science department’s purchase of Enchroma glasses Friday.

The glasses are designed to alleviate red-green color blindness by separating the overlapping red and green cones in the user’s eyes.

Science teacher and Coordinator of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Nate Cardin said that after noticing that a handful of students could not fully experience color changes during some lab experiments, the science department decided to purchase the glasses.

“We wanted to give those community members the opportunity to see what the world looks like with all the different colors in it,” Cardin said.

Cardin said he tested the glasses on three students and received positive reactions from all, noting that one student said that they were able to tell that the track and the field were different colors for the first time and another was able to differentiate between blue and purple.

Cole Heine ’19, who is red-green colorblind, said that using the glasses allowed him to experience new shades of color.

“[The glasses] really blew my mind,” Heine said. “There is a lot of nuance that I normally miss that I never knew until I put on the glasses. There were colors that became distinct that I had never seen before.”