LAHSO and BLACC discuss cultural appropriation at sleepover

Tammer Bagdasarian

The Latin American and Hispanic Student Organization held its inaugural club-wide sleepover Nov. 17 in collaboration with the Black Leadership and Culture Club, hosting games, bonding activities and group conversations.

Following last year’s successful BLACC sleepover and previous interest by LAHSO to sponsor a similar event, each group held its own sleepover this year, but came together to hold joint discussions.

“We’re having discussions on cultural appropriation and privilege with BLACC, so it’s a kind of intersectional discussion where we have our different perspectives on the issues and we can learn from each other,” Daniel Varela ’18, one of the leaders of LAHSO, said.

BLACC planned its event with the goal of team-building and community bonding in mind, Dean and BLACC Faculty Sponsor Chris Jones said.

“More than anything, the sleepover is important for bonding and coming together,” Jones said. “We’ve had experiences in the past where even though we are an affinity group, people are coming in with all different types of perspectives, and we don’t get a chance to hear them all.”

LAHSO also stressed the importance of hearing the viewpoints of all of its club members.

“Understanding everyone’s opinions is really the focus,” Xenia Bernal ’18, a LAHSO leader, said. “Whether it is different socio-economic conditions or being a Latinx person from an underrepresented country, we want to hear what everyone has to say.”

Both clubs that they are interested in continuing the tradition in order to bring their communities closer together.

“We really hope that this becomes an annual event early in the year where we can bond and come together as a group, and build a strong foundation,” Varela said.