Snapchat geofilter created by students

Lauren Kim

Snapchat users at the Upper School can now add a geofilter to their photos, consisting of a cartoon image of the campus and “Harvard-Westlake” written across the bottom.

Pictures sent through the popular app Snapchat are seen for a certain number of seconds, and can either be sent to individuals or to a user’s “story,” which can be seen on another menu.

Images on a “story” can be seen again, but vanish permanently after 24 hours. A geofilter is a recent addition to the app, one that allows users to broadcast their locations to recipients of their photos in the form of a cartoon image with the name of the locale.

Snapchat allows users to submit their original drawings and designs to be considered as a geofilter for a specific location.

Sammi Ho ’16 originally drew a filter with Harvard-Westlake on the bottom next to cafeteria worker Phairot Janthep.

But, a Snapchat representative rejected it for legal reasons. Ho submitted revised versions several other times, and after multiple rejections, her design was accepted Jan. 28.

“I’m not really satisfied, because I liked my original one better,” Ho said. “It was more unique to the school. Everyone would get the joke. The final one is more generic.”

“I thought it would be really cool to have one for our school since so many people Snapchat from school,” Carly Berger ’15 said. “At first I wanted to make one myself, but then I realized I had basically zero artistic ability, so I asked in all of my classes who was an artist and who would be up to making a geofilter, and Sammi volunteered.”