Restroom closed due to lipstick graffiti

Carina Marx

The girls’ restroom on the first floor of the Seaver Academic Center was shut down to student use on Feb. 23 after the restroom was vandalized with purple lipstick several times with messages such as “You can’t stop us.”

“If we close that bathroom down, we have to force everybody to go somewhere else to use the facilities,” Director of Security James Crawford said. “That’s going to get irritating at some point, and if somebody knows something, they can approach those people that are doing that and tell them to knock it off.”

Foreign language teachers reported the vandalism to Assistant to the Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken, who said this was the first time anyone has complained about this series of defacements. The notes had been appearing during the last few days.

“Please, love your body,” one of the messages read. “It has the power to create life. How amazing is that?!? You are stunning & sexy & smart. Love yourself. –M”

The messages were written on the doors in the restroom.

Crawford said that if the vandalism continues after it is reopened, administration could close it down indefinitely.

“We were sick and tired of seeing something new written on the door every day,” French teacher Amandine Nelaton said. “We didn’t know how to make it stop.”