Students come together on Facebook to support fire victims

Sophie Haber

In the wake of four wildfires in the Los Angeles area that caused students to evacuate their homes and the school to cancel classes, almost 300 students took to Facebook to show their support for those affected.

Prefect Michael Lehrhoff ’20 created the HW Fire Relief Page, which is sponsored by Prefect Council, as a platform for students who were displaced to reach out for help.

The page is strictly a place for students to request help and other students to respond with ways that they can provide assistance.

“Not much activity has happened on it, but I think it’s really good that there is something out there that people can go to if they need help,” prefect Caroline Cook ’19 said.

Kyle Hearlihy ’19 asked students to donate clothes for people who lost their homes in the fire in Ventura on the page.

His mother Melissa Hearlihy, who is the girls basketball coach, spoke to other coaches who have players who lost everything in the fire. In an effort to provide some relief, they are collecting clothing of all sizes Sunday afternoon in Hamilton Gym.

“I was amazed with the generosity that circulated during these trying times,” Lehrhoff said. “I hope that [the page] remains a beneficial space for the community to support and thrive in the coming days and weeks. There is a lot of work to be done, and hopefully this platform can connect and spread throughout our Harvard-Westlake community.”