Students create leadership workshop

Kelly Riopelle

The Unconventional Leadership class, taught by director of student affairs Jordan Church, held its culminating event, a 68-student convention about leadership called “Unconvention,” March 7.

Each student in the class invited five Harvard-Westlake students to attend, as well as students from Flintridge Prep and Providence High School.

Students split into groups of 10 to 12 people for a short team-building and leadership game.

The students then attended two 45-minute workshops, each led by two students in the Unconventional Leadership class.

The workshops focused on various themes of leadership, including ways to start a movement, the dynamics of a flash mob, Malcolm Gladwell’s concept of “stickiness factors” and how to improve speaking skills.

The students worked every day the week before to create the activities and then presented and revised their ideas in anticipation of the event.

After the workshops, the attendees listened to Stacey Snider (Natalie Jones ’17, Katie Jones ’15) co-chair of Twentieth Century Fox film studio, speak about her rise from a mailroom intern to an executive position in the entertainment industry.

Dani Brody ’15 considered the event a success.

“The man hours we put in were pretty surprising, and we cancelled our x period the week before,” Brody said. “The event took a lot of prep work, but Mr. Church was super supportive.”