School reports increase in middle-lane driving

Benjamin Most

In the past few months, increasing numbers of students have been caught by the school driving in the center left turn lane of Coldwater Canyon on their way to school, with more than five students reported some weeks, Assistant to the Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken said.

When students caught driving in the middle lane are first reported to the school, they receive a warning, and if they are caught a second time, their parking space and off-campus privileges will be revoked for two weeks. If they are caught a third time, they may lose their parking spot for the rest of the year, although this punishment has never been given to a student yet.

Bracken, who deals with students caught driving in the middle lane, said that security guards and teachers who see students doing so should report them to her.

LAPD traffic officers are often stationed on Coldwater Canyon as well, Bracken said. The California DMV Handbook states that drivers can legally drive in the center lane for only 200 feet.

If drivers surpass this limit then they are at risk of receiving a driving ticket costing up to $234.