Judgment day: committee to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of school, offer advice for improvement

Alex Goldstein

The California Association of Independent Schools will evaluate both campuses Jan. 28-31 to accredit the school and compose a report that offers suggestions on areas of improvement.

The school becomes re-accredited every six to seven years, which helps them set goals that stay true to its mission and philosophy, according to the CAIS website.

Coordinator and history teacher Katherine Holmes-Chuba led a team of teachers and administrators to draw up a 75 page self study on the strengths and weaknesses of the school.

The report included eight categories, such as climate and community, education process and financial sustainability.

Members of different departments filled out the portions of the report that pertained to them.

After reading the report, President Rick Commons wrote a summary document where he reflected on what he learned and described what he wants to focus on in the future.

“It has got different voices,” Holmes-Chuba said. “In a way that’s a good thing because the school is made up of multiple people.”

After a committee of leaders from other private schools visits Harvard-Westlake to complete the evaluation and the school hears what it must improve upon, the school must create a plan of action outlining how it will address these issues before December of this year.

“I don’t think that there’s any doubt that they will accredit Harvard-Westlake, but what we should learn from that visiting team is things that they see that we can do better and ways in which they think we’re doing really well,” Commons said.