Looking Back: Photography III students host showcase on the Vietnam War

Caitlin Chung

Students and faculty reflected on the tragedies of the Vietnam War at the Photography III showcase, “Then and Now,” on Jan 22.

The showcase, which was curated by Emma Spencer ’18, consisted of photographs of war veterans, including science teacher Walt Werner and English teacher Jeffery Kwitny.

The photography students also displayed pages of old newspaper clippings and personal reflections from the survivors of the war.

Spencer said that the show was an opportunity for students to shed light on an often forgotten historical conflict.

“I hope that everyone learns more about the war that has become forgotten from 50 years ago and understand the position people were in,” Spencer said.

Attendees said that they were impressed by the story behind the photographs.

“I got here early because I was so excited to view all the fantastic photography,” attendee William Newhart ’19 said. “I think [the show] is incredibly well done. I think the newspaper articles are super intriguing and there are just amazing stories everywhere about all these people [presented here].”

Spencer said that she is currently looking to find a professional gallery to hang the work in following the showcase to help spread the message to a larger audience.