Faculty, staff re-elect Schuhl to 2nd term

Angela Chon

Science teacher Dietrich Schuhl will begin a second term as Dean of Faculty and Staff next year. Schuhl was first elected by upper school faculty and staff in 2013 for the two-year term and was re-elected this year in a race against Spanish teacher Joaquin Fernandez-Castro.

The maintenance staff was able to vote in the election for the first time this year.

Faculty and staff voted anonymously April 24-26 through a Google drive system that Dean Kyle Graham created. Because most maintenance staff do not have access to Internet on campus, they voted through paper ballots.

This was the first year in which candidates presented platforms representing the issues that they felt must be addressed by the community.

The position of Dean of Faculty and Staff has the responsibility of overseeing budgets, including the faculty and staff fund and joint campus activities, according to the Harvard-Westlake Faculty and Staff handbook.

The duties also entail voting on the Faculty Academic Committee and serving on the FAC Curriculum Development Subcommittee as well as one additional all-school committee.

Fernandez-Castro said that he still hopes that the administration and Schuhl will take into consideration some of the issues he raised in his platform.

“We need a new vision, clearly stated measurable goals and a well-articulated plan at improving educational excellence in our school,” Fernandez-Castro said.