Student-Alumni Association hosts Thankathon

Lindsay Wu

The Student Alumni Association hosted a Thankathon to express their appreciation for alumni Jan. 29.

Students wrote short postcards to alumni donors and volunteers at the event.

“We hope that students will get an idea of just how many alumni help our school and have chosen to give back to HW,” Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Advisor for the Student Alumni Association Hannah Platt ’08 said. “The HW experience continues past graduation. We hope the alumni will feel a sense of community and feel connected to the school through this personal and unique touch point. Also, we want them to feel appreciated for their efforts to help the school.”

Platt said the idea for the Thankathon originated years ago when the Student Alumni Association was more active. This year, around twenty students participated in the Thankathon.

“I feel like sending out handwritten notes gives a much more personal feel, especially now, and that the alumni will really be able to see an effect of their donations,” participant Michael Lehrhoff ’20 said. “It was a really great event, and I’m glad I can give back to those who help enhance my HW experience.”