Teacher to program for startups

Liz Yount

Computer Science teacher Jason Fieldman ’98 is leaving after two years of teaching to resume his previous career as a professional programmer for startups.

Fieldman has taught Design and Data Structures Honors, Advanced Topics in Computer Science Honors and Precalculus: Trigonometry and Functions.

He was originally invited back to school by his eighth grade teacher, Mathematics and Library and Technology teacher Jessica Kaufman, to speak as a guest in middle school programming classes.

Fieldman was later asked to teach as a substitute at the Upper School and was eventually offered a position as a full-time teacher.

“My path through life requires that I go back to programming,” Fieldman said.

He has worked on designing apps for various startups since 2002 and on IOS development since 2008.

Marko Fejzo ’15, who had Fieldman as a teacher for two years, said he is certain that Fieldman will be very successful in his pursuits as a professional programmer.

“I’m confident that Mr. Fieldman is going to do well in the future because he has a lot of startup experience,” Fejzo said. “He’s a really chill guy, and he’s just a fun person to be with.”

Students have greatly impacted Fieldman’s two years at school, he said.

Fieldman hopes to bring his students into his professional world in the future.

“One really positive thing that I have gained from teaching here is that my students are really good programmers, and I would for sure want to work with some of my students once they’re out of college,” Fieldman said.

His students are both sad and excited about his departure.

“I’m really sad that he’s leaving because he really tried his hardest to help everyone in any way possible,” Brian Adler ’15 said. “That being said, I’m really excited for all the things he’s going to accomplish in the future.”