Students receive summer fellowships

Eugenia Ko

Elly Choi ’18, Truth Cole ’16, Cami Katz ’16, Victoria Keating ’16, Ara Mahseredjian ’16, Kaira Muraoka-Robertson ’16 and Cameron Stine ’17 are the 2015 summer fellows, Jim Patterson, Director of Kutler Center and Summer Programs, said.

Cole received the Junior Summer Fellowship to travel to Murano, Italy for her project, “Exploring the Dying Art of Glass in Murano.”

Katz, Keating and Muraoka-Robertson received the Global Initiative Asia Student Summer Fellowships.

Katz’s project is entitled “Camila Katz, A Window into Mysterious Tibet: Bringing Tibetan Culture and Lifestyle to the HW Community Through Visual Media.” Keating’s project is entitled “Half the Sky” and Muraoka-Robertson’s project examines deforestation in the Himalayas.

The Iberian and Latin-American Studies Fellowship was granted to Choi, Mahseredjian and Stine. Choi will travel to Peru and Mahseredjian will retrace the steps of Don Quixote in Spain. Stine’s project is entitled “Hanging On By a Very Thin Thread – A study of the indigenous tribes of Mexico and the damage of discrimination, poor wealth distribution and economic migration.”

“I’m really excited to be able to connect what we’ve learned in the classroom with an experience in a foreign country,” Mahseredjian said.

Patterson said the Brownstein fellows will be announced later this spring.