Alumnus speaks to cinema studies classes

Jacob Goodman

Max Baril ’06 spoke to two cinema studies classes Friday about the ways villains have been portrayed in superhero movies after the attacks on 9/11.

Baril has a bachelors degree in Film Critical Studies from USC and a masters in Cinema Studies from NYU.

Baril spoke about how villains in the modern blockbuster “DC” and “Marvel” movie franchises are depicted as far more evil and less human characters. He used two depictions of the Batman character The Joker, one played by Jack Nicholson in 1989’s “Batman” and one played by Heath Ledger in 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” as examples of how 9/11 changed perceptions of bad guys.

Baril also talked about 9/11 imagery that is present in films such as “The Man of Steel” and “The Avengers.”