Sign-ups fill up for Valentine’s themed Coffeehouse


Maddy Dupee ’20 sings “Someone Like You” by Adele at Coffeehouse. Credit: Kendall Dees/Chronicle

Kendall Dees

Students performed a variety of original and cover songs at the Valentine’s Day-themed Coffeehouse in Chalmers East on Feb. 12.
All slots filled up five days before the original sign-up deadline, making this the first Coffeehouse this year to reach its maximum capacity.
“I really enjoy Coffeehouse because I love seeing our community come together to support each other and appreciate the immense amount of talent and creative individuality at HW,” Prefect Caroline Cook ’19 said.
Cook led the committee on Prefect Council that organized the event.
“I think the HW community enjoys this aspect too and also enjoys seeing the well-known and yet-to-be discovered talent among the student body,” Cook said. “I also love helping to plan Coffeehouse because it has allowed me to get to know [Director of Instrumental Music Shawn] Constantino, our faculty advisor, and reach out to people who want to express themselves through performance.”
Many acts featured students in the choral program, since the performances were supposed to be a send-off for students who leave on the upcoming choral trip to Canada, Cook said.
Jake Schroeder ’20 and Lauren Juzang ’20 performed Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”
“I love the Coffeehouse because it is an awesome platform to share my craft,” Schroeder said.
Andrea Yagher ’20 performed a song that she wrote called “Alright.” This was her third performance of the year.
“Performing is one of my favorite things to do,” Yagher said. “I love to watch my friends perform as well. I signed up because Coffeehouse is a great opportunity to have fun and celebrate everyone you know. I love that Coffeehouse is a comfortable, casual place for people to share their talents and their passions.”
Prefect Council encouraged attendees to bring homemade or store-bought Valentine’s Day treats.
“I really appreciate having the opportunity to be involved in Coffeehouse,” Cook said. “I think it is super fun, super special and I encourage everyone to come see at least one.”