Grass replaces trailers, history offices renovated

Sammi Handler

Two trailers outside Rugby Hall were removed during the summer because of “a desire to return green space to the general community,” Vice President John Amato said.

Teachers and students used the trailers as classrooms during the library renovations four years ago, and they remained in place after the construction was completed in 2012.

The English department had used the trailers as temporary classrooms, so they had to relocate classes to accommodate the change.

It was determined that the trailers were no longer needed so they were replaced with artificial grass, Amato said.

“Rugby is pretty packed to the gills most of the day, so we have teachers also teaching in Kutler and Chalmers,” English Department Head Larry Weber said. “We haven’t had a teacher teach in Chalmers for a long time.”

The history office was also renovated this summer with new smaller desks in a new configuration, history teacher Ken Neisser said.

The history classrooms and office were also painted.