And All that Jazz: Prefect Council hosts jazz-themed Coffeehouse

Valerie Velazquez

In light of the Upper School Jazz band’s upcoming trip to Japan, jazz and instrumental acts were featured during the third Coffeehouse of the year on March 20. Other students showcased their talents by singing songs, performing instrumental pieces and dancing to an audience of peers and faculty members.

“Prefect Council thought we should honor the jazz band and feature them in the coffeehouse, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents,” sophomore prefect Grace Burton ’20 said.  “When the vocal program took their trip to Montreal, we similarly featured more performers in that program.”

Participants said Coffeehouse has become an opportunity for students to de-stress and strengthen the feeling of school community.

“I think Coffeehouse is a great way for the community to get together, away from the usual stress of school, and enjoy each other’s company and the acts,” Gisele Chu ’18 said. “Performing and putting yourself out there in front of your peers is stressful, but what made me feel comfortable enough to perform was seeing how supportive everyone was of each other. “

Students sang covers of popular songs and even some of their original pieces. Chu sang a cover of “Winter Song” with Chronicle staff writer Caitlyn Chung ’20 and a piano accompaniment by Chronicle staff writer Sarah Healy ’20.

“I was very nervous during the performance,” Chu said. “We had a few slip-ups, but it was all good because everyone was extremely supportive and kind.”

The Coffeehouse lasted for about an hour, maintaining a full audience the entire time. Performers and audience members said they are looking forward to seeing their peers perform again in the future.

“Watching a Coffeehouse makes you realize how many amazing, talented people there are around you that you may not have known before,” Burton said “And, of course, it’s just really fun to be there, hanging out with friends, eating sweets and watching talented people being talented.”