Your paper, as always

David Lim

Even before co-education began on both campuses, the staff of the first Chronicle came together to put out their first issue in May 1991.

“We would like to welcome our readers to the first issue of The Chronicle, the newspaper of the Harvard-Westlake school,” Editors-in-Chief Susanne Kim and Jason Wertheim wrote. “The Chronicle’s mission is to accurately and impartially report news that is relevant to the Harvard-Westlake community.”

As we have for the past 21 years, we remain committed to our core mission of serving as the newspaper for the students, teachers, administrators, parents and alumni that make up the Harvard-Westlake community.

But the school we report on looks very different from what it did when we printed our first issue and continues to undergo changes today.

New buildings rose up over the summer, ready to welcome students on the first day of school and we have one last year with the president who brought together two schools and created the Harvard-Westlake we know today.

“The times they are a-changin” and we must change with them. The Chronicle seeks to take advantage of new online tools to reach out to our readers with a new website in the works that can handle multimedia content and live broadcasts of school events.

In the summer, articles, play-by-plays of football games, and online interactives were posted on our website as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages and we will continue our timely online coverage during the school year.

The Chronicle is first and foremost the student newspaper of Harvard-Westlake. Even as we expand into new ways of distributing content, we strive to inform you this year as reliably as we have for over two decades.

— David Lim ’13 and Elana Zeltser ’13