Reconsider the ban on formal dances

Chronicle Staff

The Prefect Council has been trying their hardest to plan and hype up Whiteout. They’ve sent many emails, put up posters and booked great food trucks. All in all, it sounds like it will be a fun night. Unfortunately, the excitement will never match that of the semiformal. Under strict regulation from the administration, Whiteout or any more casual, in-school event will lack the thrill that a classic high school dance should provide.

Whiteout seems to have the expectation that you bring a date, but without the “formal” aspect there is confusion as to what kind of event it even is. It is true, two years ago our privilege was abused and we were punished for it. But after this year, any student involved in the after party that shut down the semiformal for good will have graduated. In the two years since, with the implementation of contracts and heightened standards for behavior, we have had two clean and well-run proms. As a student body, we seem to have learned our lesson and perhaps deserve another chance to show our maturity. We can strap on our heels, tie our ties and feel, if just for one night, elegant and free of stress.

Whiteout seems like a great chance to help a charity and hang out with friends, and for that we are truly appreciative, but discussion should open up again about a semiformal type event as it feels like we are missing out on a rite of passage.