Here’s to my teachers

Matthew Yam

In the next few weeks, we’ll all be celebrated for the accomplishment of getting through Harvard-Westlake and praised for all our hard work.

Before I indulge in my own awesomeness, I have to acknowledge the people who have taught me and lifted me up.

The people I have to thank are not only teachers by profession but also by how they live life. It’s not always easy for me to show my appreciation to the people I love, but here’s my attempt.

Mom, thank you for signing me up for the ISEE and taking me out of Clairbourn and away from my friends, so I could wake up at 5:30 every morning to ride the bus to Harvard-Westlake.

Dad, thank you for waking up even earlier than me every morning, so you could make me breakfast and send me off with a smile.

Ms. Cardillo, thank you for always being willing to put everything aside to gas me up whenever I barged into your office to complain about a fight I got into with a teacher. Or to tell you that I slept through my AP Calc exam. Or that I didn’t start an essay until the day it was due. Or that I don’t want to be a paleontologist, despite how persistent you are about that.

Speaking of Calc, Mr. Kochar. Thanks for always being here. Literally. Do you ever go home? Even though I didn’t come in to see you nearly as much as I maybe should have, I always felt a sense of security on campus because I knew that if I needed you, chances are, you’ll be there. I’m going to start watching The Big Bang Theory so that I’ll be able to get your references.

Ms. Brown! I miss you! Thank you for helping me learn about myself when I felt like I knew nothing.

Mr. Levin, thank you for always making time to drop some wisdom on me.

Evan, thanks for being my shoulder of choice to cry on and for giving me more than I could ever give you.

Mr. Grier, your boundless energy and constant understanding day after day still stand out as some of the things I remember best from my sleep-deprived days at the middle school.

Dr. Nassar, thank you for being the nicest person I’ve known at Harvard-Westlake.

Eli, thank you for rolling me in Orlando.

Kit, thank you for upholding the Jordan name. *Whips*

Wakeen, thank you for never making me sal de la clase.

Ellis, thank you for always reading my writing and giving me honest feedback, especially when it’s trash.

Gray-thanks for being the one guy on campus who understands southern slang and the Memphis roots.

Kelly, thanks for caring for me, listening to me, and singing with me on the ride home. One day, we’ll try Pagliacci’s.

Sports, thank you for being my second family.

I should have known when I began writing this that many people who I love would be short-changed thanks to the nature of articles and word limits.

And I’m sorry for that. But if you’ve ever made me smile or shared a laugh with me, know that you’ve made my life better in many different ways. So thank you.