Ending with a bang

Ellis Becker

Neither of us really want to write this. Not because we don’t enjoy writing anymore, but because this article means that we need to be at school to work on it even though neither of us really need to be here. AP Exams have finished. Dozens of classrooms are abandoned. Neither of us have seen a single other senior in weeks. Even some of the teachers have gone into hiding.

We float in limbo between school and graduation, attempting to waste the time that stretches between us and June 8. The system is broken.

Seniors who have made it their goal to do the least amount of work possible now crave the idea of having something to do. We look enviously at snapchats from our friends at other schools who get to use this period to work on senior projects. Instead of being able to use our own time in the same productive way, we are chained to school by few classes.

Seniors should end the year with a bang rather than a whimper. Instead of living a half-life at school, with few to no real classes left, seniors should be able to take full advantage of the weeks before graduation.

It would be extremely beneficial to us soon-to-be graduates to end all classes after the AP testing period to do something with real-life applications. Instead of doing nothing for five hours a day, we should have senior seminars in which we learn things that will actually help us in the future. Instead of just one day focused on the transitions from high school to beyond, we could have weeks dedicated to making life after high school as easy as possible.

Rather than showing up at school for a few periods, we should be able to spend the whole day working at an internship or job. Instead of spacing out in class, we could be using our minds effectively and working on a project to honor our time at Harvard-Westlake. Whether it be an art project or research project, doing something we’re passionate about will energize the senior class and help us end our time at this school with a bang.